How Smart Tech is Transforming our Lives

With technological advancements happening every day, the sky is the limit for how much smart tech will transform our lives. Below we take a look at what advancements we can expect to see in the near future.

1. Device communication

It is not enough anymore for a device to have a singular function; if your phone can already turn on your lights and connect to your speakers, it also needs to lock your doors and connect to your local information points. Analysts theorise that 20.4 billion things will be connected by 2020, suggesting increasing technology connectivity and integration will be key to our smart tech future.

2. Connectivity everywhere

Smart tech is somewhat useless unless we can access it. What use is a voice-controlled car if it requires the internet to work and there is no WiFi available? WiFi is now commonplace in public areas, but we can expect to see this trend to grow with cities taking the initiative to offer even more advanced types of connectivity – such as 5G or LoRaWAN.

3. Smart cars

Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more and more common in today’s world, but what about cars that can drive themselves? The UK government has claimed it expects to see autonomous cars being used commercially by 2021. While this naturally will have a profound effect on daily transport, it also suggests more electric car charging stations and greater network connectivity will be needed throughout the UK to see this take place.

4. Intelligent healthcare

A quicker, more efficient connection to emergency services can be created with smart tech. From emergency access points to contact at the push of a button, smart tech isn’t just simplifying our lives but is finding ways to save it. Smart tech can also be used in medical equipment, such as Public Access Defibrillators, which only work if an irregular heartbeat is detected.

5. Smart cities

Tech will transform our lives by turning regular urban areas into smart cities. Pulse Smart Hubs offer next-generation connectivity and deliver public services, transforming the ways we communicate and live in the city. Offering free WiFi, an emergency access point, local information, maps and defibrillators to name but a few features, Pulse Smart Hubs are set to make connectivity effortless for our future.

To find out more about Pulse Smart Hubs or smart cities, do not hesitate to contact us today. We love to connect with individuals and businesses who share our passion for urban innovation.